Artour "Arteezy" Babaev managed to get a surprise kill on an enemy Monkey King in one of his Dota 2 games on stream, and then got surprised himself. What goes around comes around!

​​Arteezy and his team had a great read on where to expect the enemy Monkey King to show up, and they wiped the Monkey King off the map. Unfortunately for Arteezy, the surprises were not over, as the enemy Axe took advantage of the false sense of security and got the taunt on Arteezy for the eventual kill.

Arteezy's team, Evil Geniuses, went 2-0 against compLexity and Immortals during the North American qualifiers to become the second team to qualify for The International 8 from the region.

Evil Geniuses joins the eight invited teams and a host of other qualifying teams, to compete in The International 8. The tournament is the largest Dota 2 event of the year as it is tied to the in-game Battle Pass, which helps fund the event's prize pool.

The International 8 is set to begin Aug.15-25.