The launch of the Fortnite rocket is making the rounds across social media, with many streamers showing off their angle of the launch. One angle of the launch shows us some extra information about the potential target of the rocket.

The launch from this angle from the air from a player in mid-landing shows that the missile shot directly into the sky become a star for a brief period of time. The footage quickly changes to show four laser beams homing in on the star and it becomes apparent that the rocket is coming back down.

The lasers are coming from Titled Towers and the rocket is poised to make impact with the location. Before the rocket can make impact, it appears to explode in the air above Titled Towers. Strangely, the rocket reappears, making another round across the map, and the strange crack above Titled Towers shoots electricity into further up into the sky causing a permanent crack in the sky. The player lands in Anarchy Acres to find a fallen thrust is now in the location.

It's unclear of the significance of the crack in the sky, but if this is the beginning of a map change like Dusty Divot, it is certainly a spectacular way to start things off.