​Tattoo artist Brando Chiesa designed an Overwatch tattoo featuring D.Va.

​​The ​Overwatch tattoo focuses on D.Va, the game's South Korean heroine who fights inside of a mech to ​protect her country. D.Va is a well-known lover of video games, and was a former world champion professional gamer for an ​unknown game title, and Chiesa expresses that in the design. The cord of a PlayStation controller hangs from D.Va's mouth, referencing her love for video games.

​​D.Va is an Overwatch hero who is ​not as lucky as others in the lore department. Blizzard has failed to expand upon her story since the game's release, with the exception of retconning of formerly well-known D.Va lore. 

The desire for D.Va lore is high among fans, as an artist took the challenge of ​creating a map based on D.Va's hometown, Busan. Many fans already believe the ​next map to join the game should be focused on her backstory, but it's up to Blizzard to deliver.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard