A new rift appeared on the Fortnite map Thursday, marking the sixth such rift to appear so far.

This latest rift appeared south of the mountain between Snobby Shores and Greasy Grove, not far from the evil villain's lair from which a rocket recently launched.

​Previous rifts have appeared at Lonely Lodge, the Motel, Tomato Town, Retail Row and Greasy Grove. At each location, the rift has consumed whatever object on which it appears. The first to go was the sign at Lonely Lodge, followed by the sign at the Motel, the tomato in Tomato Town, the NOMS sign in Retail Row and the Durrr Burger in Greasy Grove.

The rifts seem tied to ​Fortnite's ​recent rocket launch and to the ​crack in the sky it created. As of yet, the purpose of the rifts is unclear, though fans have speculated that the events have ​something to do with time travel.

Photo courtesy of Epic Games