​Team Austria announced its final, seven-player roster for the Overwatch World Cup.

The players on the team are Patrick "Wat7" Marwal, Patrick "Sensotix" Thonhauser, Michael "MrDragonlol" Jörg, Stvn, Oliver "ecLipse" Nguyen, Minimi, and Roman "HeroRay" Hun. These are the players that will be playing for the Austrian team in the United States.

Austria is set to play on Sept. 7 in the group stage against Canada. Austria will then play Norway, Switzerland, USA, and Brazil in the qualifier that will send two teams to the Overwatch World Cup.

The Overwatch World Cup will take place one Nov. 2-3 and will host the eight best national teams from around the world. This will be the third year in a row that the event will be taking place, and it is one of the biggest events on the Overwatch event calendar this year.

Photo courtesy of Team Austria