​Team Italy has announced the seven players that will represent the team at the Overwatch World Cup Qualifier on the team's Twitter.

Included in the team that will be playing at the qualifier in France is Aris "LUFT" Galli, Lorenzo "Midna" Nulli, Edmondo "DragonEddy" Cerini, Edoardo "carnifex" Badolato, HearThBeat, Francesco "Bimbz" De Luca, and Federico "Nisa" Portolani. It is still unknown which players will make up the starting lineup.

In France, Team Italy will go up against Poland in the group stage, and then will play Netherlands, France, Germany and the United Kingdom. Two of these teams will qualify and make it to the Overwatch World Cup finals.

The Overwatch World Cup will take place one Nov. 2-3 and will host the eight best national teams from around the world. This will be the third year in a row that the event will be taking place, and it is one of the biggest events on the Overwatch event calendar this year.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard