​Now that Overwatch Hero 28 has been officially revealed as Wrecking Ball, there are some old theories that make much more sense now. These theories go all the way back to when Overwatch was still in its beta phase. The origin of the adorable hamster can be seen in the map, Lijiang Tower.


 A Tumblr blog under the name of ​ObscureWatch goes into extreme details bout this poster projection. A peculiar detail that now seems quite obvious is the ball and animal lookalike pixels above the lady in red. Now, players can see that this extraordinarily small detail was a​ teaser for the hero, Wrecking Ball/Hammond. There is a new consideration as well for the lady in the red outfit, and if she has any direct connection with Hero 28.  


To show off just how difficult it is to actually just SEE this teaser is a feat in itself. ObscureWatch states in their blog that it's, "Impossible to get a good look at her from any of the three maps through normal means. This is what you see if you use spectator mode on Lijiang Gardens".

Having ObscureWatch's hyper detailed analysis of this poster actually reveal a teaser brings a whole new set of questions to the ​Overwatch lore. This might just be one of many teasers hidden throughout the many maps. Are there possibly more out there the community hasn't discovered yet?

A huge connection like this should spark the communities interest in uncovering more possibilities and theories regarding the Overwatch universe. 

Photos courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment and ​ObscureWatch