​Fortnite: Battle Royale players are finding an old-fashioned carriage appear at rift locations in-game.

A Redditor shared their video of the carriage appearing. The unusual crack, looking like one of the many rifts Fortnite players already ​encountered during games, appeared suddenly then began to expand. A bright light burst from the rift and there was a carriage in front of the player. 

Other Fortnite players recorded carriages appearing in other parts of the map where ​rifts appeared.  A leak named the Wild West Stagecoach as ​one of the items to appear from the rift -- and with its debut in Fortnite games, fans should expect other items to be summoned soon enough.

The Wild West Stagecoach is an old object, and appears to have an old-fashioned design. Its appearance, and the addition of an old weapon called ​Drum Gun gives more weight to theories of Battle Pass Season 5 being ​tied in with time travel.

Clips courtesy of TimSad and JiHeKied