5 Counters for Reworked Symmetra in Overwatch Competitive

The newly reworked Symmetra has finally arrived in competitive, which means a whole new season of Overwatch players are ready to start complaining all over again.

With this guide, you won't have to be one of them. Here are five Overwatch heroes that can shut the reworked Symmetra down.

5. Reaper

Symmetra may be extremely dangerous at close range thanks to her scaling damage and the potential for turret traps, but Reaper is one of the few heroes who can challenge that short range damage directly. Not only can he out-damage her, his life stealing abilities give him extra sustain in longer fights, and his Wraith Form lets him get out of any sticky turret traps.

4. Mei

As with any close range hero, Mei is a strong counter to Symmetra. Without movement abilities, Symmetra struggles (and fails) to escape Mei's Endothermic Blaster, making her an easy target for the classic freeze-and-kill combo that Mei players love so well.

3. Widowmaker

Another strategy for defeating Symmetra is to abuse her low range and low mobility. With the longest effective range in the game, Widowmaker is an excellent choice to shut down a pesky Symmetra, especially now that she lacks a readily available shield outside of her ultimate.

2. McCree

Another strong candidate for abusing Symmetra's low range is McCree. His revolver far out distances Symmetra's primary fire, and even though he lacks Widowmaker's sheer range, he makes up for it with his Flashbang, an all but guaranteed kill on the average Symmetra.

1. Pharah

Pharah is the ultimate Symmetra counter. The poor scientist has no recourse once Pharah takes to the skies and begins raining rockets down on her. Without range, mobility, or a barrier, all she can do is hope the Pharah falls down, which, given the whole jetpack thing, is fairly unlikely.

 Photos courtesy of Blizzard