An Overwatch fan has taking their passion for Diablo, and fused it with their passion for Overwatch to create a wonderful Diablo-themed skin concept for Reinhardt.


​Overwatch could always use more Diablo-themed skins. Although this is a skin concept by ​Fraiselin, it's not too far off of something that could come to the game. After all, ​Roadhog already has a skin based on Diablo's Butcher, and Zarya has a skin based on Diablo's Barbarian

This Reinhardt skit and would fit right in with the bunch, and it's fitting for his overall character theme. He's a defender, so it makes sense that he some sort of Guardian Angel. Reinhardt with wings would be terrifying though, so it's a good thing that they look like they want to be able to support his weight in flight.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard