Blizzard just can't get it right on the first try. Overwatch map Rialto's first point is a mess, and that isn't the first time Blizzard has released a critically imbalanced map, either.

It seems as though every time the developer releases a new ​Overwatch map, legions of players cry out against it for one reason or another. It's been true of Eichenwalde, Junkertown and even Numbani.

Horizon Lunar Colony was the worst offender, as players of all skill levels complained about it so much that Blizzard ​delayed the map's introduction to competitive. The issues persisted long after that, however, until Blizzard finally ​instituted changes on the Public Test Region in June, about a year after the map's initial release.

Now, it's Rialto's turn. Anyone who's been watching Overwatch Contenders, the minor league to the OWL's major league, has seen how players there have struggled to finish the first point on the escort map. It's simply too easy for defenders to set up on the far side of the courtyard, taking cover beneath the overpass, and rebuff push after attacking push.

The strength of the hold comes from the lack of flanking options. As the frontline sets up under the archway, it's safe from frontal assaults because of whatever barrier tank the team decides to run. 

Meanwhile, the backline can hide behind them with the added cover of the archway's walls, and any flanker hoping to reach them is spotted from a mile away thanks to the length of those same walls. This creates a turtling position nearly impossible for an offense to crack.

Blizzard has no choice left but to change the map; the only thing left to decide is the details. Simple changes, such as reducing the sight lines from the bridge behind the archway, could be enough to make the map competitively viable. Other possible changes could be moving the checkpoint up slightly or adding a new flank somewhere on the map.

Blizzard has plenty of options. The only necessary step is that the map see change.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard