Some of the biggest changes to enter Overwatch aren't new heroes or maps added to the game, but the hero reworks. Symmetra's second rework went live last month, and Blizzard is already working on a Torbjörn rework.

Although changes can be a necessary and welcomed change for some heroes, Blizzard has thrown the rework hammer around a little too much. Just because previous reworks in Overwatch were successful doesn't mean every hero needs one.

If the definition of rework (in ​Overwatch) is to make changes to a hero's kit that removes, adds or alters an ability, then plenty of Overwatch heroes had reworks -- though they range from minor to major.

Symmetra was the first Overwatch hero to be reworked, just a few months after the game was launched. Although Bastion, Reaper and Roadhog didn't receive new abilities, theirs were altered, giving minor but important changes to the way the heroes could be played. D.Va gained Micro Missiles, which ​worked in her favor. Mercy's rework gave her a different ultimate, ​Valkyrie, and Hanzo received an interesting rework that removed his Scatter Arrow.

After Blizzard ​reworked Symmetra a second time, it revealed it is ​working on Torbjörn's rework -- but it began reworking Sombra on the Public Test Region, as her state in the meta only ​worsened after Blizzard buffed her.

Sombra's rework makes her feel sluggish. In theory, her new infinite Stealth and Translocator should work in her favor, but the changes ​don't do anything for the complaints of Sombra players. Instead of focusing on her bugs, Blizzard decided to change parts of her kit that didn't need any adjustments.

Although Torbjörn's upcoming rework is justified, Sombra's is not. Instead of balancing certain statistics in her kit and focusing on ​her many bugs, Blizzard is relying on a rework to help the hero out. That isn't to say Blizzard doesn't buff or nerf heroes, but it appears to be too comfortable giving heroes reworks.

The game has already seen many reworks in the two years since its release; it doesn't need more. 

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard