Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 4 was the most ambitious undertaking Epic Games had made for the game. The season had an incredible amount of content and was filled with player interaction. That said, some things of the season fell a little flat, but overall it was a wonderful battle ass and season overall.

Undoubtedly one of the best things of Season 4 was the initial buildup. Near the end of Season 3, players began seeing different meteors streaking over Tilted Towers. Over time more and more meteors began to appear in the sky, and even began to impact the map. That period of buildup was dominated by player speculation as they tried to determine where the meteors would land. Everyone was surprised when Dusty Depot ended up destroyed, and became Dusty Divot. 

Once Dusty Divot was created, every week held a new change on the ​Fortnite map. Tilted Towers ended up getting hit by meteors, different government vehicles were transferring hop rocks around, and The Visitor tore his way through the meteorite. The rocket launch in-game event was the pinnacle of this, as it culminated in the sky getting torn open and leading into Season 5's buildup.

The limited time modes fell a little flat during Season 4, with some of the new game modes really dragging on. The jetpack was finally released as a limited time item, and its reception was mixed at best. Many players hated how the jetpack reinforced the two shotgun meta that's dominated the game, allowing players to skip building and just grab easy kills. 

Season 4 also saw shopping carts added into the game, and they've been hit or miss. The community loves playing around with the shopping carts as they're just fun to drive. The problem comes from how the shopping carts always ​seem to ​break the game. Epic Games disabled them multiple times due to the numerous bugs they caused.

Ultimately Season 4 was a great season of Fortnite: Battle Royale, despite some of the problems it faced. It built an incredible amount of hype leading into the season and it delivered on it. Changing the map weekly was a great touch, and Season 5 looks to promise much more of that great experience.

Cover photo courtesy of Epic Games