YouPorn will sponsor Lewd Gaming Championship -- the first adult-themed gaming esports tournament.

Adult gaming company Nutaku will expand its business into esports with the Lewd Gaming Championship, now known as the first-ever adult gaming esports tournament. Sixty-four players will play a mobile Android game called TnT, an abbreviation for Tits 'n' Tanks. Nutaku's website describes the game as a, "fast-paced PVP tank warfare with real-time players, exceptional HD graphics, and highly customizable game elements," and a number of uncensored anime girls.

The tournament features a $25,000 prize pool and all participants will receive a free 12-month YouPorn premium membership.

"TnT is definitely one of our most coveted titles," Nutaku product manager Ben Faccio said. "Think of it as World of Tanks but with fully uncensored anime action integrated into the gameplay. We’re confident TnT will bring in a trove of lewd gamers and take the world of esports to the next level," he said.

YouPorn also expressed its excitement to sponsor the first-ever adult esports tournament. "YouPorn has been involved in esports for years with our very own Team YP, and it has added a new level of diversity and community to our platform that we’re excited to introduce to Nutaku," YouPorn vice president Charlie Hughes said.

The Lewd Gaming Championship begins in the fall. 

Cover photo courtesy of Nutaku