Blizzard revealed a legendary Overwatch Wrecking Ball skin through its Twitch account Thursday.


The skin is a new legendary skin for Overwatch Hero 28: Wrecking Ball. Wrecking Ball's skin was shown during a stream featuring Overwatch lead concept artist Ben Zhang and assistant art director Arnold Tsang. The pair answered questions from fans and Zhang explained his process for creating Wrecking Ball's legendary skin. Zhang drew the new skin during the stream.

In the legendary skin, Wrecking Ball has the outfit he wore when he escaped from Horizon Lunar Colony. 


Wrecking Ball was released on the Overwatch Public Test Region at the end of June. Players were given the ability to test the hero on the PTR and become familiar with his kit before he joins live servers at a later date. 

Wrecking Ball is the new alias of Hammond, a former test subject on Horizon Lunar Colony and a highly anticipated hero. He landed in Junkertown after secretly hitching a ride on Winston's escape pod. 

He is only playable on the PTR but will join live servers and is expected to change the meta heavily.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard