Fortnite Season 5 came out Thursday, and dedicated players have already unearthed Battle Stars in a rush to complete the game's challenges. These stars allow players to unlock different tiers of the Battle Pass much quicker and usually involve a treasure hunt of sorts to locate. 

The treasure map to the first star can be found in Risky Reels. The map itself is on an easel inside of a wooden building, and should stand out visually against the wall. The image shown on the map shows that the star is on top a tunnel entrance.


The tunnel the map depicts can be found near the southern edge of Tomato Town. the tunnel itself is a highway that runs underground that players can walk through. The battle star is on top of the tunnel's northern entrance, the one leading into Tomato Town proper. 


Dedicated Fortnite: Battle Royale data miners DieBuddies have uncovered the second of Season 5's blockbuster loading screens. In the loading screen the Battle Star is hidden in Lazy Links, the new golf course country club location added to the northern part of the map.

The Battle Star itself is hidden on top of the club house on the golf course. The clubhouse is near a large willow tree and should be visually distinct. The Battle Star is on the highest part of the roof. 

The Week 3 Battle Star is hidden to the south of Salty springs, on top of a mountain by a house. Players can track down a treasure map in Flush Factory that shows off the mountain the star is hidden on. The Battle Star can be found underneath a dirt mound on the mountain that players can interact with. 

The Week 4 loading screen has been leaked by DieBuddies, and it shows off the resort pool in the newly added Paradise Palms. The Battle Star is near the resort's pool with a desert mountain in the background. The star is near one of the walls of the facility. 

Check back each week as new challenges and potentially new blockbuster loading screens are revealed for ​Fortnite Season 5. 

Cover photo courtesy of Epic Games