Dota 2 players who own Dota+ are running into a bug when attempting to spectate a Battle Cup game; the bug renders them unable to stop spectating, and forces spectators to wait until the match is over before they can resume playing Dota 2.

Multiple ​Dota 2 players have come forward on social media sites like Reddit to complain about this Dota+ bug. After attempting to watch a Battle Cup game, Dota+ users are unable to stop spectating, even after trying to close the game completely, restart their PCs, and mess around with the command prompt. Some users have reported this bug happening and also preventing them from even watching the Battle Cup game that they are locked into.

When the spectators stop spectating the game, they are only given the option to reconnect to it.

It's a disastrous bug, as it prevents Dota 2 players from actually playing the game, or to stop spectating. The longer a Battle Cup game that Dota+ users are locked into, the more time playing they could lose. This is a bug that Valve should try to hotfix immediately.

Photo courtesy of Valve