Elder Titan was crowned the winner Sunday of Bot TI 2018, the mock Dota 2 tournament framed after The International featuring every hero as a team of bots.

​​Elder Titan became the champion of Bot TI 2018, a ​Dota 2 tournament exclusive to bots. Bot TI is a parody of The International, Valve's annual tournament featuring the best professional Dota 2 teams around the world. Elder Titan defeat Abaddon 2-1 in the grand finals to become the winner.

Because Dota 2 needs five players on a team, each hero ​participating in Bot TI is controlled by AI in a full team of the same hero. A group of five AI-controlled Elder Titans were able to best its competition, while ​real casters commentated the action.

The International, on the other hand, has yet to begin. ​Competing teams will play in the group stages Aug. 15, while teams qualified to advance will move onto the main stage Aug. 20-25. OpenAI Five will ​also compete in a showmatch at The International 8 with five AI-controlled bots against a professional Dota 2 team.

Cover photo courtesy of Valve