5 Best Junglers in League of Legends Patch 8.14

In League of Legends Patch 8.14, there aren't a whole lot of changes in the jungle. So most likely, the champions players see in Patch 8.14 will still be present in the upcoming one.

Here are the five best junglers in League of Legends Patch 8.14. 

5. Camille

After seeing a nerf to her Hookshot ability, Camille certainly took a good hit to her damage. However, she still is a top tier jungler. Not to mention that her ultimate is great for picking out squishy enemies so that her team can turn a team fight in their favor.

4. Nocturne

For any player who has gone up against Nocturne, they know how big of a pain he can be. With a shield that negates damage on top of an ultimate that allows his to take out squishy enemies in one shot makes him ridiculously powerful. Along with his crowd control, he is the perfect ally to have on any player's team.

3. Graves

Graves constantly shifts in and out of the meta, due to him being too weak to function or too powerful to control. With his shotgun being able to get all five stacks on Black Cleaver and keep them stacked with his dash, he is insanely powerful. 

Also, with the buff to his Smokescreen, he now has hard CC that gives him a better ganking ability. With his large damage and great jungle clear, players definitely want Graves on their team.

2. Trundle

Trundle is a champion that has been in the meta for quite some time because he works so well in so many ways. He can function in Top, Jungle, and Support. However, with great ganking abilities he does best in the jungle right now. While his clear starts slow, once he gets Tiamat, he can clear camps fast, and with his passive, he can stay at high health when it comes time to gank. 

1. Gragas

Gragas hasn't been seen for quite some time. However, due to a recent buff, that changed rather fast. By reducing his Drunken Rage cooldown to five seconds at all ranks as well as giving it extra range, he has more consistent clear and more effective ganks. On top of that, with AP champions being in a good spot, Gragas can fit right into the new meta.

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Photos courtesy of Riot Games