Blizzard is on the verge of releasing Wrecking Ball, formerly known as Hammond, on Overwatch live servers. 

Before the Wrecking Ball release date on July 24, here is everything fans need to know about Hero 28.

​​Blizzard announced the Wrecking Ball release date through Twitter. The new Overwatch hero will ​join live servers July 24His release on live servers will follow the ​Wrecking Ball panel at San Diego Comic Con on Friday.

Wrecking Ball is the seventh tank hero in Overwatch. He has ​incredible mobility and an ​interesting kit. His ultimate, Minefield, is a great crowd-controlling ultimate. He releases a series of highly explosive minefields around the field that expire after ten seconds.

Wrecking Ball isn't available on live servers, but a look at his kit alone makes him a ​great counter to Brigitte -- something fans have asked for since Brigitte's addition. Wrecking Ball has the potential of bringing back the dive meta again, though it might be a ​different dive meta than players previously remember.

​​As for Wrecking Ball's lore, his ​origin story revealed Hammond was ​​a hamster and a test subject at Horizon Lunar Colony. He was good friends with Winston and managed to ​escape with him, unknown to Winston, when the gorillas on the base staged an uprising.

Hammond landed in Junkertown and his survival instincts prompted him to build a mech, which he then battled with in the Scrapyard, an arena where omnics, humans, and mech fights take place. Hammond also had the opportunity to make decisions on his own as a free hamster, and ​chose to name himself Wrecking Ball.

Junkrat is also a fan of Wrecking Ball, and assistant art director Arnold Tsang said Wrecking Ball's mech might have inspired Junkrat's RIP-Tire when Junkrat designed it.

Wrecking Ball cosmetics are​ available on the Public Test Region and players can test out the new hero before his arrival on Overwatch live servers.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard