Overwatch Endorsement System Reveals Suspended Players

Players can now see who was suspended through the Endorsements icon in Overwatch.

​Overwatch players can see which players were suspended through the Endorsement system. ​Endorsements are awarded to players by other players after the completion of a game, and is Blizzard's way of ​fighting toxicity. A player's Endorsement level is shown next to their career profile and in the hero select screen in-game, but suspended players do not have an Endorsement level shown.

​Reddit user noticed the change after being suspended. The player was a level three in Endorsements before the suspension. Instead of their level reverting to one, the icon was removed entirely from both their career profile and in-game portrait. 

Another Reddit user claimed after a certain amount of Endorsements, a player's actioned account will be promoted to level one in Endorsements. 

It is unclear if this distinction between suspended accounts and other accounts is a bug or not, but it allows players to easily see which accounts were suspended after Endorsements were added to the game. 

Photo courtesys of Blizzard and u/Mitsiee