An Overwatch fan ​created stunning earrings stylized after Mercy's signature wings.


The stud earrings each have one half of the wings seen on ​Overwatch hero Mercy. The earrings are painted with the same gold and white on Mercy's wings. The jewelry is gorgeous and high-quality, and would be an amazing addition to the look of any Mercy or Overwatch fan.

In Overwatch, Mercy is one of the strongest healers. Her healing output is unmatched, and the ability to Resurrect a teammate comes in handy. She is an asset to nearly every team composition, and was favored in the dive meta that dominated Overwatch for a long time.

Blizzard introduced Wrecking Ball, formerly known as Hammond and Hero 28, at the end of June. The hero's ​unique kit shows the potential in the return of the dive meta, though it will take on a ​new appearance

​Wrecking Ball is only playable through the Public Test Region, but it is expected ​Blizzard will add Wrecking Ball to live servers soon.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard.
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