3 Vaulted Fortnite Weapons That Should Be Brought Back

Epic Games places certain items and weapons from Fortnite: Battle Royale in the Vault, a place where limited-time items, and overpowered items go. Some of these items and weapons are just so fun that Epic Games should consider bringing them back, potentially in a Limited Time Mode, or LTM.

3. Guided Missile

The Guided Missile was one of the most controversial weapons in the history of Fortnite. Many players hated being targeted by a giant missile that could be easily moved into the best locations that were unreachable by a straight rocket trajectory. However, no one can deny how much fun it was to be in control of the weapon and chase some unfortunate player down.

2. The Jetpack

While not technically a weapon, the Jetpack has been removed from the game and thus placed in the vault. Some of the most entertaining game moments were created with the Jetpack and it simply made the game more fun. Epic Games did release the Jetpack with the promise it was a limited-time item, but one can hope it comes back again.

1. The Zapotron

The Zapotron is considered the rarest Fortnite weapon to ever exist, for a number of reasons. Players could only get the Zapotron through supply crates and it was removed from the game very shortly after it was added -- for good reason.

The sniper rifle charges up to release a laser blast of energy that destroys everything in its path. Players can only hope Epic brings this gun back for a limited time to allow it to be used just a few times more.

Photos courtesy of Epic Games