Riot Games is looking at impossible buffs for Syndra in League of Legends Patch 8.15, as well as gold funneling changes to Twisted Treeline.

Riot Games said that it tried to add her buffs in League of Legends Patch 8.14, but since the changes weren't sufficient they did not go through. It is now continuing to work on Syndra in order to give her a little more power so she can do well in lane and move into the mid-to-late games seamlessly. 

While it is predicted that these changes will be out in just a few weeks, Riot Games wants to be sure it releases her in a good spot. Players agree that they would rather see her in a decent position as opposed to being too weak to play or too strong to go up against. 

In the same post, Riot Games also talked about potential changes to the Twisted Treeline map, which would punish those who use the gold funneling strategy. 

In addition, Riot Games wants to add in color to the UI for runes. It is doing this to make the appearance flashier and smoother, as well quicker to navigate.

Photos courtesy of Riot Games