7 Fortnite Skins Based Off Real Life Concepts

Epic Games takes plenty of inspiration from real life figures and concepts in order to make amazing Fortnite skins.

Season 5 brought with it the Viking horde, but past seasons brought in other references to the real world.

Here are seven of the best skins in Fortnite based on real life. 

7. The Black Knight: Scourge of Wailing Woods

The Black Knight skin is based off the knight class that dominated the Middle Ages. Fully armored, he's ready and waiting for battle. 

The skin is also a reference to Monty Python's Black Knight, in which the character was the scourge of the woods. 

6. Huntress: Shield Maiden

The Huntress skin is the first Viking-themed skin players can earn in the Season 5 Battle Pass, and it's reminiscent of shield maidens who travelled and fought alongside the Viking raiders.

Not only that, but the skin is also a fantastic early skin for players to get, and is a great addition to any players wardrobe. 

5. Dark Voyager: Astronaut

The Dark Voyager is a creative spin on the classic astronaut suits of real life. The Dark Voyager, and it's counterpart Dark Vanguard are a much darker color, and the neon lights imply they're a party outfit of sorts.

They wouldn't be totally out of place at a rave party. 

4. Sledgehammer: The Operator

The Operator is based off of special forces soldiers that operated in the U.S. War in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

These soldiers would operate in the harshest of conditions, and are the best of the best, complete with tactical gear and beard.  

3. Ragnarok: Mythological Apocalypse

The Ragnarok skin is an ethereal Viking, radiating power and wearing savage looking armor.

In actual Norse mythology Ragnarok is the fated end of the world, where all the gods would be slain trying to end the apocalypse. The wicked looking armor and the character's glowing eyes harken to that destructive power. 

2. Magnus: Viking Raider

The Magnus skin harkens to the Viking Age, where the Norsemen would sail out on longships and raid other civilizations for whatever they wanted. 

The Magnus skin resembles a mighty warlord, leading his warband across the seas for glory and plunder. 

1. The Reaper: Mafia Hitman

The Reaper skin is the only one in the game based off of an actual person's likeliness, that being Keanu Reaves. 

It's based off of his star role as John Wick in the action packed thrillers, and the Reaper skin looks just as terrifying as Keanu does in the films. 

All photos courtesy of Epic Games