​The Floss dance emote from Fortnite has been banned from Ilfracombe Junior School in England because it is apparently too intimidating.

​​Headteacher Catherine Cox sent a letter to parents of students at Ilfracombe Junior School announcing the ​Fortnite dance move was banned from the school. In the letter, she claimed the game was not appropriate for children, according to ​a report from The Telegraph

"Fortnite is about mass killing of other human beings and being awarded by a dance of celebration if you are successful. One of these dances is called the Nazi dance," she said. "Fortnite is affecting children's learning ​and behaviour.... it is a safeguarding concern and will be logged as such. Children in our school have been using these dances to surround and intimidate other children."

Many parents of the children at Ilfracombe Junior School reacted angrily to the news, posting largely to a social media group ​on Facebook. Parents came to the defense of the dance and claimed blaming the bullying problem on games was just an excuse. Another said her daughter shouldn't have to feel poorly about a dance.

Floss is among the many Fortnite emotes taken ​from dance moves in pop culture.

Cover photo courtesy of Epic Games