​An Overwatch fan created an amazing Widowmaker skin that turns the Overwatch hero into Sylvanas from World of Warcraft.

It's pretty stellar. 


The ​Overwatch fan made skin was designed by artist ​KiwiStarling. It features Widowmaker in a skin inspired by Sylvanas, a hero from Blizzard's World of Warcraft. 

Widowmaker and Sylvanas both have pale purple skin, making the transformation from Widowmaker to Sylvanas almost too easy. Widowmaker's outfit is taken directly from Sylvanas' Legion outfit, which fits perfectly with Widowmaker's classic skin. 

Widowmaker is Blizzard's go-to hero when bringing heroes from other games into Overwatch. She was given a ​Nova skin from StarCraft and later received a ​Kerrigan skin to celebrate StarCraft's anniversary. Many other Overwatch heroes have skins inspired from characters in other Blizzard titles, but Widowmaker might have the most.

Blizzard introduced a ​Widowmaker nerf on the Public Test Region, along with a nerf to Hanzo. Both snipers had cooldowns on their mobilities increased at an attempt to make the heroes less ​difficult to eliminate.

Photos courtesy of Blizzard and KiwiStarling.