Reinhardt's Earthshatter ultimate was changed on the Overwatch Public Test Region.

On the ​Overwatch PTR, Reinhardt's Earthshatter now has a different animation, and looks to be a bit faster.

The animation of the ultimate seems to have sped up slightly, which could mean that Earthshatter may hit quicker than it used to, although animations don't always correspond to exactly what is happening in Overwatch. 

There are many bugs with Earthshatter, and Blizzard could be trying to correct them on the PTR -- this animation change might be a sign of that. Or, Blizzard could've just changed the animation of the ultimate to mask some of the bugs that it had. Since Blizzard did not mention a change to the ultimate in the ​most recent Overwatch PTR patch notes, it's possible that this animation change slipped through the cracks accidentally.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard