​Funko, an American Toy company, has revealed its first Fortnite: Battle Royale related figurine on Twitter.

​​The reveal shows that one of the Pop! figurines that will be based off of ​Fortnite will be the T-Rex skin in the game. This is a popular skin found in the game so it makes a lot of sense that Funko would like to use this skin for its' first Fortnite related product.

It was recently announced that Funko had partnered with Epic Games to produce a line of Fortnite related toys for the general market. It is nice to see how quickly Funko went to work to come up with a product for the game.

The skin was released at one of the companies FunkoFundays, which are events where fans of the company can meet. This is a great place for the company to announced one a product for the most popular video game in the world right now.

This a good way to get Fortnite and Epic Games into stores of major outlets and get the game even more popular. It is a great revenue stream and can make Fortnite even bigger then ever.

Photo courtesy of Funko