Astralis has been playing like the best team in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive over the past couple of months, but it had a rude awakening at ESL One Cologne.

Na`Vi walked away with the tournament win and cemented itself as a top three team. Suddenly, the unbeatable Astralis was mortal. ELEAGUE will be a stepping point for Astralis. It has a player break in August before DreamHack Stockholm and the FACEIT Major, so this will be its final statement of the  CS:GO summer. 

Nathan Fusco talked to Andreas "Xyp9x" Højsleth over the phone after Astralis defeated Cloud9 2-0. 

Fusco: After ESL One Cologne, what did you guys learn and take away from that defeat? What do you think led to Natus Vincere's victory? 

Xyp9x: We kind of learned a lesson at the tournament, but at the same time, we can't really be peaking all the time. We know that for us to win a tournament, we have to do everything, commit everything and play well. It's really about knowing when to peak. Obviously, Na`Vi played well and prepared well. When you're number one, you're the team to beat. They probably watched us a lot and learned a lot from us. 

It's hard to be at the top all the time. You really need to work hard to stay here. We're are looking forward to this tournament after just beating Cloud9. 

Fusco: Astralis has been known to take tournaments off and prepare for bigger ones. Was ELEAGUE one you guys considered taking off or are there others in the future? 

Xyp9x: We are really excited to be here and we have a player break in August, so it doesn't really make sense to skip this one. If there was one we were willing to skip, that would be DreamHack Stockholm as that's right before the Major. But it's also good practice to go to that tournament. We are going to have a large time of not playing and not going to tournaments before a Major and it might be too much stress to just jump in again. 

Stockholm is a tournament we will use as practice for the Major. 

Fusco: You mentioned earlier defeating Cloud9. What's that like preparing for a team with two stand-ins, one of them being the IGL?

Xyp9x: Because they changed two players, it's really hard to know where they are going to hold. For example, for CT, where they will be. And for T side, we don't know how they will call or play. After today, it was probably Maikil "Golden" Selim who was calling. For these type of games, you just make sure to prepare your own game. You just have to know that teams like this do unordinary things. Push smokes and stuff like that.

Make sure to tune in on Sunday at 2 p.m. EST across, or for more great ELEAGUE action. Fnatic will face off against ESL One Cologne champion Natus Vincere followed by a classic match-up between FaZe Clan and mousesports. 

The interview was edited for clarity sake. 

Photo courtesy of DreamHack