An Overwatch fan posted an amazing video showcasing unused ultimate voice lines for a number of Overwatch heroes. 

The video provided a visual aid, showing each hero as they used their ultimate. Overwatch fans will quickly notice the difference between the ultimate voice lines available in-game and the ones in the video. Certain voice lines sound as if they were scrapped early on, as they do not have the same echo effect ultimate voice lines have.

A few voice lines are still a part of the game, however. Sombra's "¡Volvamos a La Medianoche!" was turned into an unlockable voice line during this year's Archives event, for example. The video also shows which voice lines were skin-specific or event-specific ultimate lines.

This gives fans a look at the different ways Blizzard potentially planned on taking with ultimate voice lines. Considering the way ultimate voice lines are heard in-game, it's safe to say Blizzard made the right choice with the majority of the ultimate voice lines it chose to use.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard