Overwatch Hero 28 ​Wrecking Ball, sometimes called Hammond, entered the game's live servers Tuesday, a week after his release date was announced.

​​Formerly known as Hero 28 ​and Hammond, Wrecking Ball is officially a playable hero on all ​Overwatch live servers. The hero spent a few weeks on the Public Test Region, where PC players could test the new hero before his debut Tuesday in the latest Overwatch patch.

Wrecking Ball is the seventh tank hero in Overwatch. Blizzard hinted at the hero heavily and surprised fans when it revealed Wrecking Ball is not a hamster and not a monkey. Wrecking Ball pilots a large mech, much like D.Va. He is a mobile tank hero that players anticipate will heavily affect the meta and bring about a new type of dive meta.

Wrecking Ball is playable on all Overwatch servers and will be playable during the free weekend for PC users from Friday until Monday.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard