YouTuber Dumps 'World's Sexiest Weather Girl' to Focus More on Call of Duty

Douglas "Censor" Martin, a Call of Duty player for compLexity gaming and content creator for FaZe Clan, dumped his weather girl girlfriend, Yanet Garcia, to spend more time focusing on Call of Duty.

Yanet Garcia has been described as the "world's sexiest weather girl," and she grew her fame even further during the World Cup cup as she supported Mexico.

After Censor made the announcement, Yanet posted a photo of her famous butt online.

Censor explained his decision-making in a YouTube video, where he claimed that he didn't have time for a girlfriend.

After living with Censor for a year New York City, Garcia decided to pursue her acting and modeling opportunities in Mexico. This put a damper on the relationship, and eventually helped lead it to its end, according to Censor.

Cover photo courtesy of Total Pro Sports/Instagram