Overwatch Players discovered a ​glitch Tuesday in the spawn room of Junkertown that allows them to clip through the game's geometry, see through walls, and to shoot through them with impunity.

​One Redditor took a clip of the glitch, which uses Sombra's Translocator to reach a shadowy area in the rafters above the spawn room. With a few more teleports, the player is inside the building's walls, but is still able to switch heroes. From there, the player swaps to Widowmaker, peeks through the wall, and shoots an enemy Genji in the head.

It's clear from the Genji's reaction in the clip that he couldn't see the Widowmaker who shot him, making this glitch doubly powerful. All in all, this glitch almost singlehandedly takes away the defense's ability to defend at the first check point on Junkertown.

This isn't the first game-breaking bug to affect Overwatch. A similar bug appeared on ​Horizon Lunar Colony in Sep. 2017, and another more recently ​affected Rialto (though with less dire implications).

Sombra received major changes in the latest Overwatch update, though none that would prevent this players from abusing this glitch.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard