Overwatch Fan Creates Diablo-Themed Skin for Mercy

n;' / Image by Noam Radcliffe

An Overwatch fan shared their take on a crossover skin for Mercy that portrays her as Auriel from Diablo, another Blizzard game.

The post on Reddit shows Overwatch's Mercy with the gold armor and glowing, ephemeral blue wings of the Archangel of Hope Auriel. While Auriel's face is typically shrouded in shadow, in this Mercy skin her face remains open and bright to help preserve Mercy's character even in such an unusual costume.

adsf / Image by Noam Radcliffe

The artist, u/Fraisel, previously made another Diablo-themed skin for an Overwatch hero: Reinhardt as Imperius, another archangel. Their post on the Overwatch subreddit suggests that these skins could become a line of designs they produce.

While neither skin has yet come to Overwatch, other heroes did receive different Diablo-themed skins in the Blizzard-themed cosmetics update in January. They included Roadhog as The Butcher, a demon from the game, and Zarya as a Barbarian, one of the classes from the game.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard