The London Spitfire won the Overwatch League Season 1 grand finals after taking out the Philadelphia Fusion in two straight sets.

The London Spitfire won the first set of the ​Overwatch League Season 1 grand finals in dominating fashion on Friday. After Philadelphia won the first map of the first set, the London Spitfire completely downloaded Philadelphia, and proceeded to win three straight maps in a row.

There was no need for a third set in the best-of-five grand finals, as the London Spitfire completely demolished the Philadelphia Fusion on Saturday, winning three straight maps in a row, and becoming the first ever Overwatch League champions.

Despite all odds, the London Spitfire persevered. It had a poor first season, winning a little over half of its games, and ended up gutting half of its roster to focus on the core. Even one of its star players, Kim "birdring" Ji-hyeok, sustained an injury, but recovered in time to participate in the grand final, where the London Spitfire redeemed itself and became a champion.

Photo courtesy of Robert Paul/Blizzard