FACEIT London Major Format Slightly Tweaked From Past Majors

The FACEIT London Major will operate a Swiss format group stage with best-of-three tiebreakers, according to a copy of the rulebook obtained by DBLTAP.

The Major includes 24 teams, 16 of which played the ELEAGUE Major: Boston and eight of which qualified through the various regional Minors in recent weeks. The event will begin with sixteen team pool that consists of the bottom eight teams from Boston and the eight Minor teams. The top eight teams from the Challengers stage will advance to the Legends stage, where they will face the top eight teams from Boston. From this point, the top eight teams remaining will advance to the Champions stage. Each stage format is as follows:

The Challengers and Legends stage will both be a best-of-one Swiss format, with best-of-three tiebreakers and the standard MR3 $10K overtime rules, according to the rulebook, which DBLTAP has viewed and verified the authenticity of. The meaning of best-of-three tiebreakers was not specified, but it likely means the matches between 2-2 teams that decide who advances will be best-of-three instead of best-of-one.

The Champions stage will be a single elimination best-of-three with standard overtime rules.

The seeding for the Champions Stage is below:

- Quarter Final 1 – 1st vs. 5th

- Quarter Final 2 – 2nd vs. 6th

- Quarter Final 3 – 3rd vs. 7th

- Quarter Final 4 – 4th vs. 8th

- QF 1 & 2 winners face in Semi-Final 1

- QF 3 & 4 winners face in Semi-Final 2

At past CS:GO Majors, tiebreakers were best-of-ones instead of best-of-threes. During the New Challengers Stage at the ELEAGUE Major: Boston, Renegades, AVANGAR and Team Liquid participated in a best-of-one tiebreaker to determine the final team advancing to the New Legends Stage due to 100 Thieves pulling out of the event. 

DBLTAP has reached out to FACEIT for a comment. 

Photo courtesy of FACEIT