6 Most Expensive Graffiti in CS:GO

Loved by some, hated by others, griffiti is in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for good and won't be going anywhere soon.

There are certainly some spray that are valued at a much higher rate in CS:GO than others, and these are the six most expensive griffiti a player can own.

Photo courtesy of Valve

6. Ez ($3.34)

The EZ graffiti is traditionally used to allow a player to show that something was just 'too ez' for them. Due to the common phrase, this spray has grown to receive a fair amount of usage and can be found in the CS:GO Graffiti Box.

5. Clutch King ($4.64)

The Clutch King spray is a fairly simple one - it's the word 'clutch' with a small crown on top to show its royalty. Players have become fond on flashing this graffiti when winning any sort of clutch situation or helping their team win a round and it can be found in the CS:GO Graffiti Box. 

4. Rekt ($4.68)

The Rekt graffiti is a common choice of players who like to gloat about their kills to the enemy team. Most often used after a flashy frag, the Rekt spray is found in the Community Graffiti Box 1 and features a vibrant color combination.

3. Drug War Veteran ($6.01)

The Drug War Veteran is a community favorite for fans of CS:GO, mainly because of the huge reference to cannabis. People who use this spray often pair it with the Hydroponic AK-47 skin and the graffiti is found in the Community Graffiti Box 1.

2. Howling Dawn ($6.18)

The Howling Dawn was the rarest of the spray available to those using the Valve client to run Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and thus one of the most expensive. The graffiti is based on a M4A4 skin known as the Howl which is one of the rarest skins in existence, because it can no longer be unboxed, and was found in the CS:GO Graffiti Box.

1. Guardian Dragon ($12.30)

The guardian dragon is by far the most expensive spray in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, being worth nearly twice the amount of any other graffiti. Part of what makes the dragon so expensive is because of its rarity. The spray was only available to receive for those using Perfect World because it came in a graffiti box given to the Chinese playerbase upon booting up of the separate CS:GO software.