Blizzard released a new D.Va Nerf light gun in partnership with Hasbro that will be available to buy in 2019 for fans of the popular Overwatch hero. 

​​The gun will most likely shoot foam bullets like the rest of the Overwatch/Nerf line does and is a model of the pistol D.Va has to use when ejected from her mech. The pistol will be able to shoot up to 80 feet and has similar recoil to the gun in-game. 

This is the second nerf gun to be announced in partnership with Overwatch after previously announcing a Reaper shotgun replica, also slated to come out next year. There still might be more guns to be released as part of the partnership, and fans have asked for one of Tracer's pulse pistols to be available to purchase, and one fan even went ahead and made his own replica.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard