"Sources Say" is a new column that will ideally come out weekly, but we'll see how it goes. It will focus on discussions and behind-the-scenes developments I can confirm or plainly just feel confident are happening, even if they don't lead to any official moves. "X team are targeting Y player," or "A player has been practicing with B team," -- that type of stuff.

What does Reddit want? Does it even know?

Thorin made a tremendous point on Twitter when he described how members of the CS:GO subreddit repeatedly claim they want in-depth analytical content, yet hardly upvote or share any of it that gets submitted. 

I can back that up. I’ve submitted numerous articles and videos from the likes of Stuchiu, WallabeeBeatle, Max Melit, and more. Almost none of their work gets any sort of recognition. Now, it’s probably true that people criticizing Thorin regularly are the vocal minority. If you compare the number of negative comments on his work compared to the number of views on his videos, it’s quite apparent. But where, then, is the support from the silent majority for these less known creators? It’s glaringly obvious that only household Counter-Strike names receive that silent support, even if it comes with the backlash, too. What is it? You can’t seriously tell me all of their work just “isn’t good enough.” I don’t buy it.

This column is great example of the fickle way Reddit treats content. I published seven episodes of a solo podcast earlier in the year that are almost a carbon copy of this “Sources Say” series. I would mix a blend of my opinion with some juicy nuggets of information that you wouldn’t have heard anywhere else publicly. I was lucky to receive more than 20-30 upvotes on those videos, yet this weekly column has become a fan favorite -- even more bewildering because traditionally the CS:GO subreddit has historically preferred video content over written content.

Nonetheless, let’s discuss the latest from the rumor mill.

--As expected, the player break has brought roster move discussion in teams to a near standstill. This is an annual occurrence and understandable. That said, there’s still a couple things worth mentioning.

--YNk being announced as coach for MiBR came as a surprise to many, including myself. Although Janko is the “Weatherman,” don’t let his desk analysis distract you from the fact that he was brought in to keep this lineup disciplined. His focus will aim to straighten the team outside the server more than inside. From what I’m told, his main focus will be to help improve the attitude and culture between the players.

--In recent weeks, we’ve seen many mentions of who could possibly replace Mertz on North. NeL first mentioned JDM as an option, a possibility I hadn’t heard initially. More recently he reported North and Heroic ​discussing trading AWPers, but let’s go back to JDM. Since he announced his free agency in June, I had heard from multiple sources he has garnered heavy interest from the EnVyUs organization. Keep in mind, this is weeks old information and things could have changed in that time frame, but it’s something to look out for. EnVy explained its desire to jump back into ​CS:GO in North America, so if they do, look to the North American AWPer as the centerpiece.

--Finally, I’m still in the camp that is confident Mousesports will make a move post-Major. Not everyone is happy in that lineup right now, despite adding Snax.

Photo courtesy of Turner Sports/ELEAGUE