Blizzard revealed a new legendary Reinhardt skin called Gridironhardt, which will be available in the upcoming Overwatch Summer Games event.

​​The Overwatch skin reveal is the second legendary skin announced for the new ​Summer Games event. Gridironhardt is a legendary Reinhardt skin that features the hero in a skin fit for the theme of sports and summer. Reinhardt resembles a football player in the new skin.

Blizzard revealed a​ new legendary D.Va skin Friday, showing the hero in tropical clothes as opposed to her other Summer Games skin, Taegukgi, where D.Va wears a uniform representing her country of South Korea.

The Summer Games event begins Aug. 9. A ​new playable map for Lúcioball will debut in the event, according to Blizzard. Players will be able to travel to Busan while playing the event mode until Aug. 30, when the event officially ends.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard