A new legendary skin for Overwatch hero Winston was revealed Sunday. Catcher Winston is a legendary skin available for the Summer Games event, which goes live this week.

​​Catcher Winston is the latest legendary skin for Winston in the Overwatch Summer Games. Many Summer Games skins feature the heroes in tropical clothes for the summer or in sports uniforms appropriate for sporting events. Winston's skin is inspired by baseball and is named after a position for baseball players behind home plate.

Because Catcher Winston is a legendary skin, it will most likely be priced at 3,000 credits. Previous Summer Games skins will be discounted, though.

Winston's skin is the third skin revealed for the Summer Games. ​Waveracer D.Va was unveiled first, followed by ​Gridironhardt Reinhardt. A legendary skin for Ana called ​Cabana Ana was revealed Monday. All skins will be available on Thursday when the Summer Games event begins. The event will run until Aug. 30.