Sombra received major changes in a recent Overwatch update, and Mei's secondary fire was buffed, too. Both changes were expected to have a huge impact on the heroes, but a report by OmnicMeta showed the changes did not significantly affect their place in the meta.

​​Blizzard ​changed Sombra's kit in the latest ​Overwatch patch. Her Translocator and Stealth no longer have a cooldown. Instead, Sombra can be invisible for an indefinite amount of time, as long as she doesn't take damage. Her Translocator no longer has a timer, but it can be destroyed by enemies or by Sombra if she chooses to cancel it.

The changes seemed unusual at first, and were first met with a ​negative response from the community, but statistics show the Sombra changes helped her statistics -- specifically her offensive capability, and time spent alive during games. 


Sombra's eliminations have improved since the changes were implemented. Final blows were increased by eight percent, and her eliminations also went up by three percent on average. Even though the chart shows her damage done decreased, an increase in eliminations and final blows points toward Sombra being able to focus on successfully eliminating specific targets.

Her survivability drastically increased. Sombra's death per ten minutes is the best among all damage heroes, OmnicMeta added. Her infinite Translocator and Stealth prevent Sombra players from making more mistakes, which was a concern from Blizzard when working on the changes.

​Mei's buff helped increase her offensive output, too. Her eliminations increased six percent on average, while her final blows went up 12 percent on average across all tiers -- even higher at the master and grandmaster tiers.

Her offensive capability improved similarly to Sombra's, but their position in the meta did not change. Both heroes are still one of the least picked heroes and remain niche picks.


OmnicMeta reported the usage for both Sombra and Mei barely rose over one percent -- though Mei had somewhat increased play at higher tiers. Although changes to heroes helped out their offensive contribution in-game, their overall footprint in the meta is almost nowhere to be seen. 

Their winrate remains relatively the same, with a change at an average of one percent for both heroes, but they sit at the bottom of the least picked heroes from all ​damage heroes

Their impact might have increased, but they are far from a regular in the meta.

Photos courtesy of Blizzard and OmnicM