Brandon "Seagull" Larned, a former Overwatch League player on the Dallas Fuel, announced he is quitting professional Overwatch. 

​​Seagull announced his retirement Tuesday through Twitter and during a stream on Twitch. The Dallas Fuel confirmed his retirement. 

"Seagull plans to focus on streaming and building his community, which already counts more than 750,000 followers on Twitch," the statement read.

Seagull mentioned how the more time he spent playing in the Overwatch League, he could not cater to fans through his stream. Likewise, paying more attention to his stream would hurt his time playing with his team. He could not find a balance to cater to both fans of his stream and the Dallas Fuel. 

Seagull mentioned his contract with the Dallas Fuel did not expire yet, but he wanted to be transparent with fans and let them know he was not returning. He added he might not make the ​All-Star game, though it would be for reasons unrelated to his retirement. 

​​Mike Rufail, CEO of Team Envy, expressed his thanks to Seagull. "Seagull joined us at a time when Team Envy had the most dominant roster in North America in Overwatch and helped contribute throughout the ups and the downs of our first Overwatch League season as the Dallas Fuel," he said. "We support Brandon in his decision and he leaves us on good terms. We’ll always be pleased that he chose to make his final act in professional Overwatch with the Dallas Fuel."

The Overwatch League ended Season 1 in July with the grand finals, which the London Spitfire won. The ​signing window for new players and contract extensions began Wednesday, as teams are preparing to restructure rosters for Season 2 in 2019.

Cover photo courtesy of Robert Paul/Blizzard