A former female Riot Games employee described the company's "bro culture" as being like a fraternity, resulting in her leaving because of sexism, according to an in-depth report Tuesday by Kotaku citing 28 sources within Riot Games, including current and former employees.

​​​​Kotaku's piece, titled "​Inside the Culture of Sexism at Riot Games" detailed reports from former and current Riot Games employees discussing cases of sexism women encountered while working at the company known primarily for publishing League of Legends.

Multiple reports to Kotaku detailed an alleged fraternity-like environment at the company, with Riot hiring employees that fit into a certain mold described as a "core gamer."

"Eighty percent of Riot employees are men, according to data Riot collected from employees’ driver’s licenses," according to Kotaku's report. Other accounts of male employees questioning the legitimacy of female candidates' gaming background were also alleged. 

Riot Games disputed the claim, saying in a statement to Kotaku: "While not every Rioter is a gamer, most are. And to be clear, this doesn’t mean just League of Legends; whatever you play, if you make time to play, you’re a gamer...We pride ourselves on player empathy, whether that’s relating to the fun players are having with a new game mode or understanding the pain they’re feeling with a nerf gone too far."

The report is extensive and wide-ranging. Some former employees, according to the report, alleged the company shot down ideas coming from women and dismissed their legitimacy. Others detailed the way male employees spoke and referenced women in the company:

"One woman saw an e-mail thread about what it would be like to “penetrate her,” in which a colleague added that she’d be a good target to sleep with and not call again," the report read.

One woman told Kotaku she was asked “How big is your e-peen?” by an interviewer asking about her gaming habits.

Read the full Kotaku report ​here.