announced a partnership with MegaFon on Wednesday and revealed new colors for its jerseys starting at The International 2018.'s Dota 2 and Counter-Strike teams will both wear green and purple instead of the orange that had to this point been a staple of VP.

"Our partnership with MegaFon is a crucial stepping stone for and the entire Russian esports scene," VP general manager Roman Dvoryankin said in a news release. "As the level of a professional esports culture rises in Russia, an alliance with the country's leading telecom company further empowers the rapid development dynamics. I'm pleased to see MegaFon choosing us as the undisputed leaders of the region amidst the ever-increasing global integration in our industry."

"Our logo will change accordingly, as well. As early as November, in celebration of 15th anniversary, we will reveal the changes to the team's image starting from 2019 onward." has struggled in CS:GO for most of the last two years. Multiple roster changes have taken place, but nothing has seemed to work. 

​Dota 2 is another matter altogether. is the No. 1 seed in the Dota Pro Circuit and has been the hottest team throughout the past season heading into The International 8 later this month.  

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