​PUBG Corp finally admitted that PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS is broken.

It wasn't an explicit admission of guilt or wrongdoing. Instead, it was a symbolic one that came to light Wednesday  with the launch of the "FIX PUBG" campaign. The company has long denied the systemic problems with PUBG, and the lack of transparency that followed was extremely harmful for the game's growth. This new initiative -- while late -- is ultimately good for the game's continued development.

​PUBG has many problems, stemming from client side failures, server problems, and bugs and glitches, among many others. PUBG Corp's lack of transparency was met with negativity from the community, and the developer's ​response is telling. The latest campaign is a detailed roadmap of every problem the company seeks to address. 

Players can access a detailed roadmap of every major problem in the game, alongside an estimate of when those problems would be fixed. PUBG Corp's timeline goes as far back as October for some of the larger client side and server problems. 

This new Campaign is good for the game to be true, but many of these problems have persisted in the game well after a year of the game's release. PUBG Corp has tried time and time again to improve game performance, but previous efforts have fallen flat. This is very much a reactive measure after the community outcry, and the onus will be on PUBG Corp to prove it can fix the long-standing problems with the ambitious timeline it has set.

The cliche goes that the first step to recovery is admitting there is a problem. PUBG Corp has gotten at least that far and can now work on the rest.

Cover photo courtesy of PUBG Corp