​Blizzard is just a day away from releasing the Overwatch Summer Games event for the third year in a row. So far, it's shaping up just like any other Summer Games event. From what Blizzard has revealed, there's nothing out of the ordinary for the 2018 Summer games. This is not necessarily a bad aspect, but it's certainly not a good one.  

​​Lúcioball is coming back again to ​​Overwatch​ and will feature a new map for players to play. It looks like the map will just provide a change of pace in terms of scenery, but not actual game mechanics. As with tradition, bringing back Lúcioball should be expected. It's a bit disappointing how Blizzard has not released another game mode for the Arcade Playlist. 

Lúcioball certainly is fun, especially with friends, but it can get a bit stale seeing it as the only seasonal game mode. It would have been nice to have another game mode, which would bring more variety to the choices players have. 

As with every seasonal event, there will no doubt be new skins included in the loot boxes. This year Blizzard has already provided some fantastic summer-themed skins. ​Cabana Ana is one of the best Summer Games skins revealed so far.

New skins and cosmetics are always welcome, but it looks like they are the main focus of the 2018 Summer Games. Blizzard has not actually released any content related to the mechanics of the game.

Overwatch's Halloween Terror event featured '"Junkenstein's Revenge," which brought a great co-op PVE event. The Uprising and Retribution events also brought PVE into the mix by giving players a chance to explore a different part of Overwatch. 

The PVE events for Overwatch so far have been well received, and the Summer Games event would benefit if it had some variation of it. The PVE does not need to relate to hardcore lore and backstory, but keeping with the summer spirit of relaxation and fun. Including another sport variation like volleyball, swimming, racing with Wrecking Ball, etc., would be a fresh addition.

Keeping with the cookie-cutter formula of bringing back old content while adding new cosmetics is a safe play. It just does not bring anything special for fans to anticipate. There's not a huge "wow" factor when looking at the event overall. It would be great if Blizzard continues to produce the same level of astounding cosmetic content, while adding in a bit more interactive gameplay for the coming years. 

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard