​Evil Geniuses' success has trailed off since their glory days in 2015 when the North American Dota 2 powerhouse won The International 5. 

Peter "PPD" Dager became CEO, a position which would only last till TI7, when disaster struck for EG. The team was eliminated extremely early, and directly following the event PPD stepped down as CEO. Ludwig "Zai" Wahlberg left EG, later joining OpTic Gaming. Almost a year later, EG will have to face off against its former teammate in TI8.

 ​​So how has Evil Geniuses fared this year? What's their chances at TI8? Let's take a look.


EG finally settled on a roster, and it's a good one. The Position 1 and 2 players have both been described as prodigies, Artour "Arteezy" Babaev joining the professional scene at age 17 and Syed "Sumail" Hassan becoming the top rated player in an in-house league at age 13.

Both players have matured since their debut in the professional scene, but now they'll have to play without the guidance of veteran Clinton "Fear" Loomis, who left EG less than three months ago. EG hopes coach Kanishka "Bulba" Sosale will be able to provide level-headed advice to the young carries, and the site "WhenDidEGThrowLast" won't be updated for a while.

Recent Performances

EG's recent tournament results have been more than promising. Just one month ago, the team won Dota Summit 9. EG's performance against Team Liquid in the Bucharest Major has now become famous because EG amassed 27 more kills than Liquid. Beating the reigning TI champions in a stomp has to be a good omen for EG, and time will tell if either of the former TI Champions will be the first to take home this year's grand final.


EG has taken more than a few blows in recent history, but the players have refused to let it affect them. Their recent roster changes appear to have been the right move, as the new team has been working cohesively to take victories.

But the team most likely sees those as trial runs, practice for the main event. EG's chances are looking better and better, and soon we'll see if they bring their recent success to Vancouver for The International.

Photo courtesy of Valve