​Maikil "Golden" Selim has transferred full-time to Cloud9 from Fnatic and will be the team's new in-game leader.

The Swedish player moves from one big organization to another while also relocating to North America. This is a big move for not only Golden, but also the team as a whole and makes him the first non-North American player to join Cloud9's ​CS:GO team.

Golden played for the team as a stand-in at the ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier, where Cloud9 did went out in two matches to Astralis and Made in Brazil. Golden was also accompanied by Martin "STYKO" Styko as a stand-in for the team.

Cloud9 has struggled since winning the ELEAGUE Major: Boston in January. The team has not had any results that compare to that performance and looks much weaker. Cloud9 has also slipped from being a top team in North America to maybe being only the third best behind Team Liquid and NRG.

Because of the bad results, Cloud9 has basically fallen apart with both Jake "Stewie2k" Yip and ​Tarik "tarik" Celik leaving to join MIBR.

With the addition of Golden, Cloud9 decided to sacrifice firepower for a more tactical approach. Golden does not have a lot of skill and will not bring large numbers of kills to the team. This is concerning as now Cloud9 only has one player who can rack in the frags for the team: Timothy "autimatic" Ta.

This is a concern for the team when it comes to adding Golden instead of a higher fragging player. But Cloud9 might be able to make it work in the future, and the benefits would be huge to the struggling team.

Golden joined Fnatic last August and brought the team a long way. Fnatic experienced little success before his arrival and gradually improved under his leadership. 

Fnatic cemented itself in the upper echelon of teams this year and has been a darkhorse threat to win all of the major events. The team had a huge breakthrough ​when it won IEM Katowice, though Golden didn't last on Fnatic much longer.

Since then, the team has been hanging around where Golden brought it. Fnatic became a team that was expected to make the playoffs of all big events and has done so in every event expect ECS Season 5. Golden's in-game leading skills were the biggest part of Fnatic's rise and shows  he is capable of the role at the highest level.

If Golden comes to Cloud9 and the players latch on to his ideas and way of leading, the team will do much better. This is the key, because if it does not happen, then there is no chance. The players did not trust Pujan "FNS" Mehta and his way of leading, and Cloud9 suffered because of it.

It is suspected STYKO will probably remain on the team through the Major. That will not help the team and will most likely just be hindrance. But if Cloud9 can find a player after that with some more skill and promise, Golden might be able to make this team work.

Along with this is also Tyler "skadoodle" Latham, who also should be replaced if the team wants to succeed under Golden. Skadoodle making way for a player like Joshua "jdm64" Marzano or an international player would make this team even more promising.

If these moves were made for the team, the Cloud9 lineup with Golden would have the firepower problem nullified. They would provide enough fragging for the team to do well and succeed at the highest level.

For now, Cloud9's results might get a little better, but not all the way where the team wants to be. But the Golden move opens up the doors for future success if more firepower can be acquired around Golden.

Photo courtesy of Turner Sports/ELEAGUE